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Wealth Management & Portfolio Advisory

We strive to deliver an honest, transparent and efficient Asset Management & Portfolio Advisory Services, offering a full range Equity Portfolio Advisory to Alternate Asset Management.

FirstCapital offers it's Client the opportunity to invest in sophisticated investment products across various asset classes that include from  'Cash Only Long Strategies to complex Option Strategies generation Alpha to Real Estate.

Our Management Philosophy combines insights from behavioral finance and human psychology with modern theories of portfolio management. This helps us gain a more accurate understanding of your Family and its Values thereby designing structures that are unique to you and with which you are comfortable.

Set of well established but flexible principles that draw on the concept of “economic” earning power and cash return on investment as understood by the owner of a business.

Four essential ideas serve as the foundation & pillars:

Focus on the long term

View investments as conferring proportionate ownership of the business.

Seek a margin of safety.

Maintain a balanced outlook on the market.

Key analytics To A Robust Business For Us

            Competitive structure of the industry.

            Regulatory environment, entry-exit cost, negotiating power with customers & suppliers.    

            Relationship between revenues, costs and scale.

            Market size and long term growth opportunities.

            Capital requirements for sustainable competitive advantage.

            Private market value mind set driven by the quest for a predictable stream of cash flows and corporate longevity.


Investment & Portfolio Advisory Services | SEBI Registered Investment Advisors: INA000002306

FirstCapital Alternate Investment Trust | SEBI Registered AIF Fund Registration No:IN/AIF2/15-16/0181



Investment  Framework

Stick to what we know and understand well.

Constantly seek low risk opportunities arising from “special situations”.

Take advantage of under ownership or neglect arising from:

Small cap opportunities

Temporary adversity

Companies lacking an established trading history

Lack of analyst coverage

Avoid market timing and “index hugging”.

Absolute return rather than relative return mind set.

Consciously seek to minimize “churn” and transaction costs.

Highly disciplined approach to selling.