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Asset Management & Private Wealth Management

‘Establishing honest, transparent and efficient Asset Management for Corporates and Family Offices in India, thereby offering Alternate Asset Management to the sophisticated investors.’

FirstCapital offers it's Client the opportunity to invest in sophisticated investment products across various asset classes. We also advise clients on customized special situation investment opportunities. 

Our Family Office practice streamlines and centralizes decision making and reporting resulting in operating efficiencies and cost savings; facilitating family continuity by supporting governance systems that preserve a family’s vision, values and legacy.

Our Management Philosophy combines insights from behavioral finance and human psychology with modern theories of portfolio management. This helps us gain a more accurate understanding of your Family and its Values thereby designing structures that are unique to you and with which you are comfortable.

Value Proposition

The Family’s interests are generally not properly represented by numerous investment advisors? Consider the following to determine whether your current advisor is aligned with your interests and provides objective advice:

  • Is the model of compensation Commission” based?
  • Is your advisor compensated by third parties when selling a product or service?
  • Do they sell proprietary investment products?
  • Do they give full disclosure of the total costs?
  • Do they give you complete disclosure of liquidity features of the products in the portfolio?
  • Do they implement best execution practices when buying and selling securities?
  • Do they quantify risk?
  • Does your advisor ensures comprehensive services and continuity.